Who can build his own brand

1- Marketing and distributing companies who seeking for develop their companies & increasing profit 
2- Retail chains who need to add competitive edges to their stores in addition to increase their entire profits & Increase customer satisfaction by filling market gaps
3- Any Services company need to transfer their working capital value to touchable capex by build their own Brands which will have Brand Equity value 
4- Individuals & entrepreneurs they need to draw success story and change their life by achieving their dreams to real well known products 

Brand building story

Building any successful brand is very similar to how you plan to have a child and raise it so that a young man / woman becomes mature and productive and passes through all ages.

Thus, he needs the time, planning and resources necessary for the success of the journey and the delivery of the newborn to the desired goal

We are planning to give birth, and once the gender of the fetus is known, the follow-up doctor is chosen

Likewise, in the project, the item-based work team is selected

From the name of choosing the name and preparing the needs of the child and the same thing, in the category, the brand name is chosen and the requirements for its registration are prepared

Near the arrival of the newborn, the doctor is selected, as well as the maternity hospital, and the same thing is done, the appropriate sources and factories are selected and the necessary contracts are made

After birth, attention is paid to raising the child and choosing his clothes and food very carefully, and the same is for the mark upon its launch in the market. The marketing team follows up all marketing activities necessary for the growth of the product in the market in the healthy manner required

In the stages of childhood, methods of education and upbringing are chosen so that the child grows up and becomes a young, beneficial to his society

Likewise, the mark is created carefully, studied and placed in the right frame and at the right price that meets the needs of the market and helps solve its requirements with required values

Then the child becomes a visible active member of society and the brand also becomes a brand with a good reputation whose benefit is valuable to society and contributes to improving the quality of life.

So building a brand takes experience and knowledge

How to Start a Private Label Business (In Ten Steps) 

1.Research a niche market. 
2.Identify the products that you think can sell. 
3.Scour the internet for potential competitors. 
4.Assess your ability to cover up-front manufacturing costs. 
5.Find a reliable private label manufacturer. 
6.Create your brand elements. 

Steps to choose private brands:

1. Understand the costs of private labeling. ...  
2.Choose the products you want to sell. ...  
3.Define your target market. ...  
4.Consider your differentiating factor. ...  
5.Create your brand look. ...  
6.Create an experience. ...  
7.Find a supplier. ...  
8.Build the brand.