Sourcing & private labels brands building


Support & connect you with best sources all over the world throughout its professional arms whom usually update, visit & negotiate vendors to grantee sourcing the best price for the required quality.

DMASS & SOMY  Can provide you with :

 Target market gap analysis

Classification for the gap into segments that match your short & long-term plans

Provide you with best resources for the required segments products as PL

Negotiate this vendors for best price for the required quality

Make Designs for your private label products

Registration support

Marketing plan support

Sourcing & private labels brands building

For international companies that wish to grow their exports into the Middle East..

Assumes almost all of the front-loaded costs of entering and/or developing the market for its principals and on the other hand provides a one stop shop solution for buyers for identifying market opportunities, proposing principals and their products, creating market intelligence, handling all regulatory requirements, assisting with legal contractual agreements and providing continuing support in creating market awareness, marketing activities and ensuring scaling of market share for its products. It leverages the experience and networks of its team and its associates to accelerate the entry and growth of each of its partner companies into the market.